Check out these notices…

“Tom Cleary delivers a nice turn as Jack Dawkins, Lawrence’s manservant, whose son is serving with the British Army in Mesopotamia (soon to be renamed Iraq).”
...New York Times review of “Oxford Roof Climber’s Rebellion”

“Cleary especially engages with his flustered, tearful revelation about how the war has broken him.”
...Variety review of “Oxford Roof Climber’s Rebellion”

“When Tom Cleary takes the stage...he exhibits a quality that I never thought would be present in a Greek God: humility...In what might have been simple exposition in the hands of a lesser actor, Cleary turns it into a lament on the utter pointlessness of war.” review of “The Trojan Women”

“Each actor in turn steals a scene from the other…Still, once he enters the stage, Tom Cleary, as the bureaucratic, anal-retentive, wee bit diabolical Dr. Rance trumps them all as he slowly gives in to the insanity with which he labels everyone else.” review of “What the Butler Saw”

“Most rewarding to the viewer here is the work of Tom Cleary and Virginia Bartholomew...they each play their roles with great humanity, seamlessly moving from stoic to warm to finally being in love…it is the few scenes they have together that really make this evening.” review of “Triumph of Love”

“Dodgson was a stammering, gauche man; comfortable only in the presence of children, and Tom Cleary plays him with a winning sense of childlike simplicity.”
...Philadelphia Inquirer review of “Once on a Summer’s Day”

“Cleary has wonderful comic timing and plays Detroit a bit more subdued than his predecessors – almost with a Woody Allen-type flair.”
...Hudson Valley Newpapers review of “Guys and Dolls”

“The cast is terrific...and when Tom Cleary finally lets loose at the end, we get a glimpse of Broadway style and power.”
...Philadelphia City Paper review of “Purlie”

“...Tom Cleary is a strong contender.”
...Seven Arts magazine preview article on Barrymore Award nominations.